Brand Identity Vs Brand Image

When it comes to branding, brand identity and brand image are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are different from each other. Brand identity refers to the visual and verbal elements that make up a brand’s personality, such as the logo, color scheme, typography, tone of voice, and overall style. It helps set a brand apart from its competitors and creates a consistent look and feel across all touchpoints. On the other hand, brand image refers to the perception that customers have of a brand, which includes everything from brand essence and reputation to the emotions it evokes in customers. A positive brand image is crucial for building loyalty with customers. While both are important for building a successful brand, it’s essential to understand the difference between them and how they can impact your business and brand equity .

Think of brand identity as a brand’s attire – the outfit your brand wears to convey its personality and values to the world. On the other hand, brand image is the impression your brand leaves on its customers, just like how a person’s charisma and energy can evoke a certain emotional reaction from others .

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