Pay Bands Example

Pay bands are salary ranges that employers assign to each position in the organization. These salary scopes have many names, including pay scale, band salary, or National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes. The federal government maintains a database of NOC codes that it organizes by sector, industry, and position . A pay scale allows companies to create a budget for each position by establishing a minimum and maximum payment amount for a specific role. This also enables candidates to negotiate their earnings and can entice more experienced candidates to apply for the position .

To create effective pay bands, companies should determine the allocation of financial resources, consider employer location, and review position requirements . Offering a higher employee compensation can impact the company’s reputation, its ability to attract experienced professionals, and its capability to maintain a reliable staff that has an incentive to remain with the business over the long term . Encouraging talented candidates to apply is another benefit of pay ranges. Providing a salary range can help promote candidates with experience to apply for the position. If you advertise the pay range on the job advertisements, it shows that you’re transparent about the payment amount. Assuming you use a competitive compensation range, qualified candidates become more likely to apply for the position .

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