Project Management Workflow

Project management workflow is a set of processes that are executed to complete a project. It is a visual representation of the methodology used to manage the project. A flow chart is a common tool used in project management to display the interdependent and parallel processes over the course of the project’s life cycle. The flow chart can help project managers offer a clear picture of the process and find ways to improve project efficiency. It displays graphically the project’s objective and seeks to more logically order the activities therein. A flow chart can also help with monitoring progress and even status reporting .

There are different types of project management workflows, and each has its own set of tasks that must be completed to execute a process step. To qualify as a workflow, each step in the process must be contingent on completion of the previous step .

There are many benefits to establishing an efficient workflow, including saving time, improving results, and increasing collaboration .

If you’re interested in learning more about project management workflows, you can check out some examples and templates at []( or [Smartsheet]( You can also find a sample project management flow chart with free tools included at []( that you can use as a template to start using flow charts in your own projects.

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