Place Branding

Place branding is a term used to describe the application of branding techniques and other marketing strategies to the economic, political, and cultural development of cities, regions, and countries . It is an interdisciplinary approach that can be focused on as a field in sociology, political science, cultural anthropology, cultural studies, communication studies, marketing, international relations, and others . Place branding is more multidimensional in nature than the branding of products and services as a ‘place’ is inherently “anchored into a history, a culture, an ecosystem,” which is then incorporated into a network of associations linking products, spaces, organizations and people . The practice of place branding is understood to have gained significance with the emergence of the post-industrial society among developing nations in which places contend in an interdependent, increasingly-globalized economy . Place branding purposes to induce affective responses from consumers, thereby forming a meaningful relationship between person and place .

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