Monitoring The Outcomes And Evaluating The Impact Of Planning

Monitoring and evaluating the impact of planning is an essential aspect of performance management. It involves assessing the effectiveness of planned activities and determining whether they are proceeding as intended. The process also involves evaluating the programs towards the achievement of results, milestones, and impact of the outcomes based on the use of performance indicators .

A research team commissioned by the Scottish Government has explored the case for a new approach to performance management for the planning system. The team proposed a shift in emphasis from processing speed to better understanding the contribution of planning to building a better Scotland. The team also considered the implications of rethinking planningÂ’s monitoring and evaluation framework, and the potential benefits in terms of learning, transparency, accountability, and delivering the Scottish GovernmentÂ’s National Outcomes .

The Policy Memorandum accompanying the Planning (Scotland) Bill noted that there was strong support for a focus on monitoring quality of decisions and outcomes, as well as time-based performance standards .

The Outcome Mapping methodology is a useful tool for planning, monitoring, and evaluating development initiatives to bring about sustainable social change .

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