Lean Business Agility Framework

Lean business agility is a framework that helps organizations operate in a manner that maximizes their efficiency and effectiveness. This lesson provides a highlevel overview of the things that characterize an agile organization. Imagine what it would be like to run a Fortune 500 company by making it up as you went along.

Business Agility 1 SAFe 5.0 – Your Operating System for Business Agility. … 2 Agile Product Delivery. … 3 Enterprise Solution Delivery. … 4 Lean Portfolio Management. … 5 Organizational Agility. … 6 Continuous Learning Culture. … 7 LeanAgile Leadership. … 8 Measure and Grow. … 9 Summary. … 10 Learn More. …

The road to real business agility is long and neverending. The SAFe Business Agility Assessment helps enterprises understand where they are on their journey and reminds them to celebrate the small successes along the way. It is built directly around the seven core competencies; each competency is further split into the three competency dimensions.