How To Identify Your Brands Value Proposition By Jones + Waddell

I found an article on Medium titled “How to Identify Your BrandÂ’s Value Proposition”. It was written by Jones + Waddell and published in The Startup. The article provides insights into identifying your brand’s value proposition and how to market it effectively. It emphasizes the importance of considering your brand early on in the marketing process and building a strong brand that can cover multiple products. The article also introduces an exercise called the BxP Value Proposition Map, which helps identify your product’s perceived value and how to market it. The exercise visualizes the confluence of brand, user experience, and product features as the basis of your marketing.

Another article on RSM titled “How to Determine Your Value Proposition” provides a step-by-step guide to determine your value proposition. It suggests establishing the benefits of your product or service, communicating the value of these benefits, pinpointing a problem a consumer could be facing, relating the problem to the value provided by your product or service, and communicating why you should be the chosen provider of this product or service.

I hope you find these resources helpful in identifying your brand’s value proposition!

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