Free Startup Business Plan Template_02

Here are some free startup business plan templates that you can use to create a professional and comprehensive business plan:

1. Smartsheet: Smartsheet offers a variety of professionally designed startup business plan templates that are free to download in PDF, Word, and Excel formats. You can choose from a one-page startup business plan template, a business plan outline template for startups, a startup business planning template with a timeline, and more .

2. BDC: BDC provides a comprehensive guide on how to write a business plan for startups. The guide includes instructions for each section of the business plan, followed by corresponding fillable worksheet/s. The last section in the instructions, “Refining Your Plan,” explains ways you may need to modify your plan for specific purposes, such as getting a bank loan, or for specific industries, such as retail .

3. PandaDoc: PandaDoc offers a complete business plan template that you can use to create a detailed and accurate outline for your business .

4. HubSpot: HubSpot provides a simple and easy-to-use startup business plan template that is designed specifically for someone new to the business world. The template is customizable and can be adapted to include additional detail as your business matures .

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