B2B Marketing Strategy Framework Your

How to create a B2B marketing strategy: 1 Start with customer research. Customer research. … 2 Conduct qualitative & quantitative analysis. Talked to your customers? … 3 Establish key objectives and metrics. Every organization is chasing success. … 4 Develop your B2B customer journey map. … 5 Identify executional marketing tactics. …

Within this framework, specific B2B digital marketing channels are better than others, depending on the intent: Use this audience guide to inform your marketing decisions, and your strategy will drastically improve. There are six jobs, or tasks, that all B2B customers must complete throughout any B2B purchase:

Traditionally in B2B sales, there was one primary buyer. They followed a predictable, controlled path like the traditional marketing funnel template below: The typical marketing lineup included salesy, printed marketing collateral. Sales reps went to trade shows, made cold calls, and conducted business facetoface.