Risk Assessment Process Map

Here is a process map for risk assessment that I found . The map is divided into three main steps: hazard identification, risk analysis and evaluation, and risk control.

![Risk Assessment Process Map](https://www.lucidchart.com/publicSegments/view/3f7d9b5a-4c1e-4e5d-8a8c-6f6b2f7c2a9d/image.png)

The first step is to identify processes and situations that may cause harm, particularly to people. The second step is to determine how likely it is that each hazard will occur and how severe the consequences would be. Finally, the third step is to decide what steps the organization can take to stop these hazards from occurring or to control the risk when the hazard can’t be eliminated.

The process map also provides some additional information on how to prepare for a risk assessment, including determining the scope of the assessment, necessary resources, stakeholders involved, and laws and regulations that youÂ’ll need to follow.

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