Process Assessment Systems

Process assessment systems are a set of tools and techniques used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. The goal of process assessment is to identify areas of improvement and optimize processes for better performance, greater efficiency, and improved outcomes .

As-is process analysis is a process management strategy that identifies and evaluates a business’s current processes. Current state analysis can focus on an entire business organization or on one or more specific processes within a department or team. There are several key goals or motivations for implementing current state analysis, including saving money, improving existing processes or creating new processes, increasing customer satisfaction, improving business coordination and organizational responsiveness, complying with new regulatory standards, and adapting processes following a merger or acquisition .

Business process analysis (BPA) is an approach to analyzing business operation processes. It is a detailed, multi-step examination of each part of a process to identify what is working well in your current process, what needs to be improved and how any necessary improvements can best be made .

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