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Operations research is a field of study that uses mathematical models, statistical analysis, and computer simulations to help businesses and organizations make better decisions and solve complex problems. It is an interdisciplinary field that requires knowledge of various subjects such as mathematics, business, computers, and information technology .

Leverage Edu is an online platform that provides career guidance and mentorship to students and professionals. They offer a comprehensive guide on how to build a career in operational research. The guide explains what operational research is, what an operational research analyst does, how to become one, popular courses in operational research, qualities of an operations researcher, job prospects, and salary expectations .

An operational research analyst is a professional who applies advanced analytical and mathematical techniques to solve complex problems and optimize decision-making in various industries. They use mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and computer simulations to analyze and improve organizational processes, systems, and resource allocation. They work with large sets of data and develop mathematical models and algorithms to assist in decision-making, improve efficiency, and maximize outcomes. Operations research analysts work on a wide range of problems, including supply chain optimization, production planning, scheduling, inventory management, logistics, and facility layout [^10^].

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