Itil Service Operation Principles And Process Of Itil Service Operation

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is an IT practice that fulfills the requirements of customers as well as the needs of the business. It consists of five phases, and service operation is the fourth phase. The main objective of service operation is to run a business smoothly by performing certain activities and procedures on a daily basis to fulfill customer demands efficiently and timely.
ervice operation focuses on maintaining a balance between internal IT perspective and external business perspective. It also emphasizes reliability while being open to change, cost efficiency while maintaining the standard of quality, and proactive action while being reactive.

The main processes of service operation are as follows:
1. Event management: This process aims to choose, classify, and constantly supervise all the services.
2. Incident management: It deals with restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible after an incident.
3. Request management/fulfillment: This process handles user requests for services.
4. Problem management: It focuses on identifying the root cause of incidents and minimizing their impact on business operations.
5. Access management: It ensures authorized users have appropriate access to services.

These processes are implemented effectively to reinforce an organization’s IT support structure.

Please note that this is just a brief overview of ITIL service operation. For more detailed information, you can refer to the sources below:
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