Accounting Ratios

Accounting Ratios – Financial Accounting Ratios – Accounting Ratio Analysis – List of Accounting Ratios including profit margin, gross margin, asset turnover ratio, current ratio, quick ratio and other key accounting ratios. Financial accounting ratios help analyze company’s performance in View more Accounting Ratios

Net Present Value – NPV

NPV – Net Present Value – How to calculate net present value (NPV)? Net present value is calculated as a sum of cash flow through project life cycle adjusted to the discount interest rate. NPV is calculated to estimate the View more Net Present Value – NPV

Supply and Demand

Supply And Demand – Supply And Demand Graph – Economics Graph – Supply and demand graphs depict the equilibrium between suppliers and consumers. The graph is an intersection of two curves mapped against quantity and price. The most famous economics View more Supply and Demand

Business Case

Business Case – Business Case Analysis – Business Case Methodology – Business cases are prepared to help a company decide whether to proceed with a given project. To start off the preparation of the business case requires understanding of the View more Business Case