Npower Assessment Process—Humaxis Pivot On People

I found a website that provides information about the nPower Assessment Process offered by Humaxis. The process is designed to help individuals develop their leadership skills and expand their situational and operational awareness . The assessment process is available at three levels of increasing depth and scope, and can be further adapted and scaled to serve the unique objectives you have for yourself, your team, and your organization .

The foundational assessment process begins with a digital psychometric test and self-assessment module designed to bring clarity to your strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, decision-making biases, psychological strains and stressors, leadership fears and shadows, core motivations and fixations, blind spots, and reality distortions . Within 48 hours of submitting your work, you will receive a digital report containing your Level One nPower Profile with personalized commentary . You’ll then be taken through a 90-minute one-on-one nPower Debrief session with a skilled Humaxis coach to help you understand the full implications of your results from personal, interpersonal, organizational, and mission perspectives .

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