Two Stage Assessment Process

The two-stage assessment process is a teaching strategy that involves two levels of assessment – individual and group . In the first stage, students complete the individual assessment, which is then followed by the group assessment in the second stage . The group assessment can consist of either the most challenging questions from the individual assessment or new questions that are more conceptual or open-ended than the individual assessment . The purpose of this strategy is to enable students to receive immediate peer feedback on their proposed solutions and develop their collaborative skills . In working together, students may also be exposed to alternative methods for solving the assigned problems . This method of assessment can be as effective in a remote as in a face-to-face classroom .

If you are interested in learning more about teaching strategies, you might find it useful to explore the following resources:

– SALTISE: A website that provides a comprehensive list of teaching strategies, including the two-stage exam .
– Profweb: A website that provides information on how to use two-stage assessments in remote and face-to-face classrooms .

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