Process Assessment & Capability Analysis Opexecs Strategic

If you’re looking for information on process assessment and capability analysis, I found a page on [OpExecs Strategic]( that explains how to compare processes against a set of well-defined criteria to determine their capability of performing within service, quality, and financial targets. The page also explains how to quantify the ability of your process to produce output that meets the performance standard, establish a baseline for comparing the improvement of the product or process over time, and compare your process against another (internally and externally) to judge relative performance. If you’re looking for information on capability assessment tools, I found a page on [Strategy& – PwC]( that explains how their Capabilities Assessment Tool is an online diagnostic tool designed to ask employees across your organization to rate the company’s performance (versus industry performance) in a number of industry-specific capabilities and define how important each of these capabilities is to your company’s success. The page also explains how the tool can help identify, build, and monitor the capabilities that are at the heart of your success.

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