Organizational Structures Diagram

Organizational Structure Types. 1 1) Hierarchical Structure. The hierarchical model is the most popular organizational chart type. There are a few models that are derived from this … 2 2) Matrix Structure. 3 3) Horizontal/Flat Structure. 4 4) Network Structure. 5 5) Divisional Structure. More items

As your company gets bigger, an organizational structure can also be helpful for new employees as they learn who manages what processes at your company. Then, if you need to pivot or shift your leadership, you can visualize how the work flows would work by adjusting your organizational structure diagrams.

It’s the most common type of organizational structure––the chain of command goes from the top (e.g., the CEO or manager) down (e.g., entrylevel and lowlevel employees) and each employee has a supervisor. Better defines levels of authority and responsibility Shows who each person reports to or who to talk to about specific projects