Enterprise Project Portfolio And Program Management

Enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) is a centralized system that aligns all projects and portfolios with strategic objectives . It breaks down a high-level business strategy into smaller initiatives to understand the work that needs to be done at a more tactical level . Effective EPPM increases alignment between an organization’s projects, programs, portfolios, and the overall business strategy . EPPM provides organizations with visibility into active work and enables them to better manage execution of projects and programs . It also surfaces key insights such as whether a project is impacting a strategic objective, what business units are working on the same or similar projects, the resources allocated for each project, and projected project and program costs .

The practice of enterprise project portfolio management is often run by an enterprise portfolio management office (EPMO), which helps to both establish and oversee the governance of these specific programs and projects . An EPMO integrates and scales the priorities that corporate-level strategists created to ensure that teams allocate resources effectively and hit their goals .

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