Processes Free Full Text Process Modification Of Pharmaceutical 5

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Could you please clarify your question? If you’re looking for information on process modification of pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing operations, I found a research paper titled “Process Modification of Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Operations: An Eco-Efficiency Approach” . The paper discusses a process improvement in a tablet manufacturing process within a pharmaceutical industry based on an eco-efficiency approach. The study collected data on energy inputs and emissions data for the stages of powder direct mixing, particle size reduction, and tableting. The results showed that non-value-added steps were removed from the product life cycle process, which led to significant time and cost savings, as well as to a reduction in the emission. Annual economic savings have been achieved, a time reduction of approximately 71% was attained, and the reduction in GHG emissions and energy cost were 73.2%. The g CO2 eq per tablet reduction has been calculated within the process improvement to be 2.06 g CO2 eq per tablet instead of 7.71 g CO2 eq per tablet.

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