Needs Asssessment Process

A needs assessment is a process for determining the needs, or “gaps,” between current and desired outcomes. It’s a part of strategic planning that helps you pinpoint how you’ll accomplish your strategic goals. A need is an opportunity for improvement within a particular process or system. When you identify and resolve needs, you can act on potential new opportunities, like making processes more efficient, streamlining resource allocation, and identifying resource gaps in your current workflow .

A needs assessment helps you determine the most important process gaps so you can achieve your desired outcome in the shortest amount of time. Not only will assessing your current processes give you insight into how your team works, but it can also help identify areas of potential efficiency improvements. Reducing work about work and streamlining processes doesn’t just increase productivity—it also boosts team morale. By listening to your team members and improving any painful processes, you can help them achieve their highest-impact work faster .

There are three main parts to a needs assessment: initiation, data collection and analysis, and final production . Here are the six steps for conducting a needs assessment:

1. Identify your team’s needs.
2. Measure and allocate your resources.
3. Collect data.
4. Analyze the data.
5. Identify gaps.
6. Create an action plan .

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