Learning 2020 Strategy Uwe Bristol Learning And Teaching

The Learning and Teaching Strategy 2020-2030 of UWE Bristol is a comprehensive plan that outlines the university’s commitment to providing outstanding practice-led and problem-based education. The strategy aims to foster the development of ambitious, collaborative, innovative, inclusive, and enterprising graduates who are ready to tackle future challenges. It focuses on three key areas:

1. Personalized experiences for all learners: The strategy aims to provide tailored learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of students.
2. Practice-led, research-informed learning and teaching: UWE Bristol emphasizes the integration of real-world practice and cutting-edge research into its curriculum.
3. Digitally enabled, problem-based education: The university leverages digital technologies to facilitate problem-solving and critical thinking skills among students.

The Learning and Teaching Strategy is part of UWE Bristol’s broader Strategy 2030, which sets out the institution’s mission and values. The university aspires to transform futures by powering the future workforce, supporting local economic prosperity, shaping community health and sustainability, and addressing global challenges.

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