Information Technology And Business Strategy Alignment

Business-IT alignment is a process in which a business organization uses information technology (IT) to achieve business objectives, such as improved financial performance or marketplace competitiveness. It is a business strategy that prioritizes the integration of IT operations and business objectives to reduce costs, improve agility, and increase the return on investment. The strategic alignment of business and IT strategies is a complex dynamic process that enables organizations to achieve their business objectives by leveraging extensive IT capabilities. It involves aligning and harmonizing different agendas and interests within an organization, improving communication, corporate culture, governance, resource prioritization, and effective leadership. The concept of strategic alignment was first introduced by Henderson & Venkatraman as “the degree of fit and integration among business strategy, IT strategy, business infrastructure, and IT infrastructure”. There are various approaches or models of strategic alignment that have been developed, including business strategy versus information technology strategy, organizational infrastructure versus IT infrastructure, IT governance, and alignment.

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