Four Actions Framework New Value Curve

What Is The Value Curve Model And The Four Actions Framework 1 Understanding the Value Curve Model. The Value Curve Model was developed by authors W. … 2 The Four Actions Framework. Once the value curve has been established, the Four Actions Framework can be employed to alter the product in a given market. 3 Key takeaways. …

This analytic tool complements the Four Actions Framework. It pushes companies not only to ask the questions posed in the Four Actions Framework but also to act on all four to create a new value curve (or strategic profile), which is essential to unlocking a new blue ocean. The grid gives companies four immediate benefits:

They believe that an effective strategy needs to have three main factors: A clear focus. Divergence from the competition. A compelling tag line. The Value Curve model aims to fulfil all of these factors. It provides a useful framework for comparing your strategy against that of your competitors, by using a simple chart.