Assessment Process Five Steps Defining And Planning

The assessment process is a crucial aspect of any program or project. It is an ongoing cycle that can be broken down into five steps:

1. Define Mission and Goals: The first step is to define the program’s mission and goals. From the mission and goals, the student learning objectives are created. The learning objectives drive the assessment process.

2. Articulate Student Learning Outcomes: The second step is to articulate student learning outcomes that align with the program’s mission and goals.

3. Align Outcomes and Learning Experiences: The third step is to align the outcomes with learning experiences. Faculty and staff should ensure that students have learning opportunities or experiences to meet the learning objectives.

4. Choose Assessment Method and Gather Data: The fourth step is to choose an assessment method and gather data. Once an assessment method is chosen, data is collected, and results are interpreted.

5. Interpret and Use Results: The fifth step is to interpret the results and use them to make changes to the curriculum if necessary.

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